Sarah & Jonny

Sarah & Jonny (22-April-2016)

I will be honest, I was quite (OK very) skeptical when Sarah suggested we look at getting a Videography on top of Professional Photography.

After seeing some of your previous work, I eventually warmed to the idea that this may likely be something I would look back on later, and regret not having. So I bit the bullet, and we committed to AtoZ.

Still a little skeptical, right up until the wedding day… Let me tell you this! You both arrived at my accommodation completely unexpected (but most very welcome) and I soon discovered we had not just hired Professional Videographers, but actually hired two pretty bloody amazing people to share our special day!

You honestly made mine and Sarah’s wedding experience all the more special with your fun & creative, yet also sweet and sentimental attitudes!

We had the BEST day, and your highlights video is nothing short of AMAZING! We LOVE it and so too our family and friends. Something we will cherish forever! Thank you also for respecting and working so well with our photographer, Jeff!

You have an amazing gift! We can not recommend you highly enough!

(Jonny & Sarah).