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AtoZ-Visual Photo Booth

AtoZ-Visual's custom designed portable studio photo booth requires our assistance and works via a remote, it allows guests to control each snapshot taken. A large LCD gives live view and each snap previews for up to 20 seconds. The photographic space allows up to 10 guests to be involved in any particular photo.

It is suitable as a portrait studio or for fun photos.

Photos are sifted through and then the best are assembled, printing two copies with opportunities to print larger photos during the event and there’s plenty of props and backdrops available. For the hosts, an album can be assembled during the evening...

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Our photo booth is now only for combination packages with any of our bronze packages, these begin with an operational use of 2 hours and an array of options to supersede your event to the extreme.

While AtoZ Visual is Albany based, we are very happy to travel throughout the southern half of Western Australia, however travel fees may apply.

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