Ethan & Vanessa

Ethan & Vanessa (27-10-2017)

Ethan & Vanessa were married on the 27th of October, 2017 at Stonebarn, near Pemberton in Western Australia.
We were the official photographers, and we took 3300 photos throughout the day, after viewing all images 1700 were chosen as suitable to work with.

We were only hired to do the photography and originally quoted that they would get around 500 photos.
We ended up putting our video camera on a tripod and recorded the ceremony and speeches for no extra cost.

We also used our drone and captured the property from the air, 1000 photos were used in a slideshow that had the video footage added and it was burnt to Blu-ray and the HD files were placed on a 32GB memory card with the 1700 photos all catalogued to make it easier for finding photos.