Video Conversions & Editing


Video Conversions & Editing

We can convert most video formats, please ask if yours is not listed?
We also by default convert to video files and can provide a USB device at extra cost. This means that anyone can make their own DVD from the files after or in the distant future.
You can plug your USB device into most modern TVs, most have the ability to play movie files from USB devices or you can view via a laptop or desktop type computer, basically anything that can take a modern type USB stick or portable drive.
Blu-ray disc will not make the vision clearer, but you can get a about 3 hours or more on one, you'll obviously need to be able to play Blu-ray, we recommend going for files, as it’s cheaper and you never know when DVD or Blu-ray will also become obsolete (they are so fragile too).
It’s always a good idea to give a copy of your video files to another family member or a friend away from your home, so if anything bad happens, you would still be able to get your video files back in the future.
We can not guarantee all dirty, damaged or damp cassettes and reels can be converted.
There also may be additional fees if cassettes need repairs or cleaning. Your material will be safe with us.
We can also assist you in converting with some crazy footage shot by your wedding guests on mobile phone or a hand held video device such as a GoPro at your wedding or event, we can stabilize some footage and compile to a view-able movie files. There will be an hourly rate charge for this kind of editing; this may vary depending on what is required.

What we can do for you

• Splice and digitally convert your Super8 or 8mm Reels.
• Digitally record your Betacord, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video8 and MiniDV.
• We can edit your footage or teach you to do it.
• We can convert your audio cassettes.
• Film a corporate event to create a product you don’t need to repeat.
• Create a TV Advert for your business.
• Film your weddings, funerals or any function.
• Photograph your wedding or any event of function.
• We could recover your personal files from you faulty computer.
• Repairs to Microsoft related laptops (not tablets).
• Create an affordable website for you.
• Help you design your brochures, business cards, flyers, signs, logos and any graphic you might require.
• We can organize printing small or large quantities.

All conversions are converted to digital MPG2 or MP4 movie files, making them possible to be saved to a USB storage device. Also another option; some files or all files could be compiled and burnt to DVD with a customised menu, chapter select on a DVD in a clear plastic sleeve or for a little more in a hard cover case with a graphic printed slick.

Reels Super8/Single8

•  50ft or smaller $20.
•  Splicing, repairing and joining fees may apply if required.
•  Any pre-spliced large reel up to 400ft $50.

Conversions of Standard 8 or Regular 8 can not be guaranteed (maybe a small fee for trying).


•  For 1-5 cassettes, it's $30 each tape and for bulk discounts see graphic below... No matter what the length of the vision on the cassette/s.

Testing your Cassettes

As a complimentary option; if we only find commercial footage, such as Cartoons, TV shows or movies, there will be a $5 fee handling only per cassette.

No commercial footage will be converted or provided.

USB Storage (You can buy from us)

•  16GB USB stick $15 each. Can hold under 6 hours.
•  32GB USB stick $30 each. Can hold 10 hours.
•  64GB USB stick $40 each. Can hold 21 hours.
•  128GB USB stick $50 each. Can hold 42 hours.
•  2TB USB hard drive $90 each. Can hold around 330+ hours of video.


•  Compile up to 1.5 hours on one DVD $10 each (includes custom menu).
•  Compile up to 3 hours on one Dual-Layer DVD $20 each.
•  If ever asked, 3 hours on Blu-ray $30 each.
Blu-ray does not improve the quality of your footage.

Other Rates

•  Videography, Photography, tutoring, labour charges up to 30 minutes $50.
•  Videography, Photography, tutoring, labour charges up to 1 hour $80-100.

Commercial TV shows or movies will not be converted.
Our official quotes are done after diagnostics.

We are based in Albany Western Australia, but we can still help you.
Travel fees may apply if required.

Post to us or deliver in person - Return charges apply.
DISCOUNTS are available for Bulk!


All provided footage, once converted is not stored or backed up, it is important that you take control of that yourself, make sure a family member gets a copy or you store a copy in another safe location, because if the disc is damaged or the USB is lost, there may be no way of getting that extremely important footage back.
Everything seen by us is kept private and absolutely no image, or clips are republished in any way what so ever, unless it is something you have requested. We guarantee this.

We do not sit there an watch everything that is recorded, we usually check from time to time as it can take hours for our computers, software, projectors, cameras and video recorders to convert your cassettes.

AtoZ-Visual, PO Box 355, Albany DC, WA, 6331 or
Call David on: 0478 219 870.


The converting company gets the cassette/s, retains some sort of order and name or number files and DVDs as completed. All cassettes have to be played right through to MPG2 video files (We do not convert directly to DVD or any other format).

All gathered files from the conversion computer are then transferred to a USB3 drive.
The USB3 drive is then plugged into main rendering computer. Using special software all files are edited or cut and compile the multiple files or split large ones, all of this is all done digitally.

Most conversions are re-render widescreen especially if going on DVD, (sometimes there will be black sides). Then compile and burn all DVDs, print titles and place in clear plastic sleeves (old wedding conversions can be put in special DVD cases with a graphic cover).

If the client has provided a USB drive, all re-rendered video files are copied to clients drive. Even if you think you don’t need it, please provide a USB drive (or we can sell you one).
USB3 drives can be plugged directly into modern LCD/LED etc TVs and watched directly from the drive.

Burning to DVD will cost more in the future, going to DVD does NOT mean that DVD will be around forever either, some day that will have to be converted to movie files too, plus DVDs scratch so easily and in most cases if scratched bad or cracked can not be recovered at all.

Digital Movie files is the best way and can also be shared with other family members.

No copyrighted commercial TV shows or Movies can be done, if you provide this, it will not be done and there will NOT be any handling fee for it (but there will be a diagnostic fee of $5 per tape).

EXPLANATIONS of the Unknown

The largest VHS 4hr cassettes can hold up to 8 hours on long play.
Average DVDs by default can hold 1.5hrs.
Any DVD can hold more if compressed, (this also takes longer) compressing can cause loss of quality, however most converted material won’t show any difference.

Hi8 Cassettes usually only hold 1hr, however if recorded on long play this can double.

Frame rates, is another issue, people in their haste rush out and buy a camera while over seas, not realising that there are differences in Australian and foreign recording formats. A lot of film had originally been filmed at 30 frames per second, then it was saved from the camera to VHS, Australian standard frames are 25, so what they see is double vision and terrible effects when there is movement.

If we get something that is originally filmed in 30 frames, we will do our best to keep the quality. Usually it can not be converted back if done wrong in the first place.

Basic 8mm Reels or Super8 if not joined already can hold up to 20 minutes.
Large reels where they are joined should still fit on 1x DVD.

If you have a chewed VHS cassette, may still be recoverable, minus the part where it is damaged.


There is a standard cassette or reel handling fee per item.
To transfer rendered files to your USB drive has no extra charges.
There also are compile to DVD fee for every DVD created.
If a cassette is blank, there will be no handling fees for it.

So with all said, a lot of time is spent doing this for you.


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