Video Conversions

We can convert most video formats, please ask if yours is not listed? We also only convert to video files and provide a FREE USB device, this means that anyone can make their own DVD from the files after.

You can watch through most modern TVs as they have the ability to play movie files from devices or you can view via a laptop or desktop type computer, anything that can take a modern type USB stick or portable drive.

Any cassettes or Reels converted will cost $29 each if more than one, plus return postage costs, again the USB Device is FREE, yes FREE!! … Putting to DVD or Bluray now will cost extra.

It’s always a good idea to give a copy of your video files to another family member or a friend away from your home, so if anything bad happens, you would still be able to get your video files back in the future.

We can not guarantee all dirty, damaged or damp cassettes and reels can be converted. Your material will be safe with us.

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Ask for a price list for bulk converts or just enquire?