The Process

Our Videography Process

The following may help bridal couples understand the full wedding process when it comes to our videography.

Booking Your Wedding Videographer

We'll need to pencil in your wedding date, even if you are only considering to use our service, as we can let you know if another couple requires the same date (limit of notification is one month), however it is very important to lock it in, because if we don't get a response or do not hear back from you we will assume you no longer require us and the next couple may end up booking that date.

So if to make sure we to hold the date and you are sure, please make the 20% deposit soon after quote is sent to you. The final payment will be due the days before your wedding day.

Also if you were expecting a reply from us, and it seems to have not arrived, please check your Junk Mail folder as your email security program may have dropped our emails in there for some over protected reason.

Film Crew

David Belfield is the main videographer, he is the editor, processing and managing all of the videography and photography work, he also may use other, photo, video and audio capture devices to capture many aspects of your day to compliment his work.

David will always have an assistant onsite to assist in filming the Ceremony and Receptions. David and/or his assistant might shoot some photos from the sidelines for use with the final production (Video Slideshow, Cover and Menu photos).
Otherwise we can officially offer Wedding Photography and a Studio Photo Booth.

Pre-Wedding Meeting

If required, you are welcome to organise a meeting to collaborate about your wedding day, but unless there is a lot to consider and be communicated, this is generally not required as we usually improvise with each wedding, however it's a great option to break the ice, it will make for a better relationship on the day. Like us on Facebook even. It is important to let us know of anything extra special you may need captured though... i.e. if the entry of bridal car is not coming in an expected way, or bridal party is entering reception through an unexpected door, or you are to dance at an unexpected time etc. This is so we can be prepared.

Quality of our Work & Effort Taken

We love to get involved in all weddings and put passion from the heart in to it, as we simply love weddings in general, having a friendly approach from yourselves and your direct family helps us to produce the best production possible.  (The main thing to remember is the final cinematic presentation is for you and your future.) We thrive to provide the most visually interesting and memorable production that you will take into the future of the most special day of your lives. Something your future children will get to enjoy once they grow and much more. Often we're able to add some customised special effects to the presentation, depending on what we feel you may enjoy, it's a bit like a box of assorted chocolates, you just don't know what you're going to get.

Our Camera Equipment

The tripods used  have liquid heads for smooth panning, using up to 4 video cameras that vary from HD, Slow-Mo and 4K, we usually record audio via the camera's microphone (a shotgun microphone), we believe it's very important for each camera to be independent. Our camera/s film in full High Definition and all original vision is generally kept on backup up for at least a month after your wedding, where as the edited footage is stored longer. Snapshots (still screen captures) from the original video can be equivalent from 2 to 14 mega pixel photo snaps. Once the original footage is deleted, that is not possible. Our camera's are capable of recording the entire wedding day's events and the evening, without mains power.


We always provide three free copies of your wedding DVD.
(Postage free too) Each DVD is customised and do not look like or work like any other DVD. It will contain individual sections and the ability to skip sections is possible. Every second of recorded audio is personally adjusted to bring all of the sound to the best level possible, without to much distortions. To produce your final presentation to DVD can take 7 to 30 days depending on package chosen.
The first DVD will be sent to you for preview, if you need any changes made, they are done before the rest are posted.


After previewing the first DVD, when the 2nd and third are completed, we'll create a complimentary Blu-ray disc with cover (additional copies are extra). The complimentary Blu-ray will accompany the two final DVDs for the Emerald and Diamond packages only.

Video Files on USB

The Video presentations can be provided on a USB drive of sorts, if so desired in MPG2 (STD TV) or MPG4 (HD TV), all you need to do is ask? (however this option may cost more, original footage can range from 80 to 200GB, where as once edited it could compile down to between 15 and 50GB).


Original sound is recorded all day, but where required music will be overlayed, in some cases for crowd noise, we will replace crowd noise with backing music. Also another example; as the first dance starts, the original sound slowly evolves into the noise free version, if possible.

Pre-Wedding Photos - BONUS

We ask that you email us a series of pre-wedding photos (optional), so we can put a pre-wedding slideshow presentation together that will be added to your final DVD. We will overlay appropriate music in the final edit (However, unless you follow this up it may not happen).

Brides Prep

Only available on request and for limited time or if stated in package quote.
The Prep we film is no longer than one hour, and ends giving us enough time to prepare our cameras at the ceremony usually we need around 30 minutes.

Grooms Prep

Depending if this has been talked about, usually it's the bride who gets the prep and the boys are filmed pre-ceremony.

Arrival At Ceremony

We arrive at a time you suggest or around 30 to 60 minutes before expected start time. We'll film the boys as they wait and various scenes of guests as they arrive, basically anything standing out that looks interesting is also filmed. We film the bride arriving and entering the place of ceremony from various angles. We will overlay appropriate music in the final edit where required except for all the vows and readings etc.


We use appropriate music that you suggest prior to the start of the ceremony, all audio from the time the celebrant speaks is recorded and used. We offer available for hire of our PA sound system with microphones (must be pre-organised, if required), that is if you are outside or in a place where sound is not good, it's always a good idea to have a microphone system.
Various video cameras are used (3 to 4 cameras maybe used to film the ceremony), we will do our best to film appropriate angles and to give the guests and photographer as little disruption as possible. At times we may have to quickly move positions to accommodate the ceremony (we will capture some slow-motion scenes for use where required in the final production).

Signing Of The Registry

We move around to different positions and film the signing of bride and groom, then film the guests and various scenes as video fill. We do not use the recorded audio while signing in this process as we will overlay appropriate music in the final edit (we will capture some slow-motion scenes for use where required in the final production).

Family Photo Session (Or Family Formals)

We will film from congratulations at ceremony to end of the time the family photos are in progress. Doing our best to stay out of the photographers way (generally the photographer feels they are in charge, but if you need us to have some sort of control over the way something is filmed, please let us know how much authority we have prior to the wedding day). We will overlay appropriate music in the final edit (we will capture some slow-motion scenes for use where required in the final production).

Bridal Party Photoshoot (the film of)

We will follow the photographer and bridal party to the photo shoot locations and film various scenes, also capturing any other highlight we might see that appeals to the final production. It is important to let us know if there is anything in particular you need filmed (generally the photographer feels they are in charge, but if you need us to have some sort of control over the way something is filmed, please let us know how much authority we have prior to the wedding day, otherwise we will continue to improvise). For this DVD section, we will overlay appropriate music in the final edit (we will capture some slow-motion scenes for use where required in the final production).

Photo Booth

Where possible we'll setup the photo booth the day before or we'll arrive about an hour before start time to setup, guests will be able to use as soon as we're ready, there is no limit to how many photos they take, but when there is a line, a limit of 3 or4 photos per standing will be allowed, then you can rotate through the line for more. We'll sift through shots taken every 30 minutes, printing two copies, photos are cropped and arranged. We'll pack up after our work is done or the next day if possible.

Arrival to reception

We will overlay appropriate music in the final edit, unless the MC is introducing the bridal party or if there are speeches straightaway.


With the reception, we would like the MC to notify us in some way just before any evening event is about to begin, so to be prepared and to get in the correct locations. We film and have available for hire our PA sound system with microphones if you don't have one (it's good to let us know if you need this prior to your wedding, as we may not just have it available at short notice). We may use a camera light if reception lighting is low. We overlay appropriate music where evening audio is not at it's best for the final edit.


We have now introduced a camera light which sits above our camera  (This can be quite bright and is adjustable, so we'll do our best not to point it in a direction to annoy and some cases it may not be required). We record all speeches and other various scenes during this time, it would be great if the MC can notify us just before any event, that is... if we have not noticed him walk to the microphone.

Messages From Guests

Sorry we won't chase people down, often they say "later" (we prefer to take messages from guests before people may have drank a few to many), however we can record individual messages to the bride and groom if asked by guests as they request so. This generally can be done when there is nothing important being filmed. It can be very helpful if the MC can let guests know during house keeping, that they can approach the videographer anytime the videographer is not busy, they only need to ask.

Cake Cutting & First Dance

We require good lighting to get the best results (as in please don't turn the lights off), but film to the best quality we can. The audio is recorded, however generally we replace the evening music with the original track sometime after the dance begins. We will overlay appropriate music in the final edit.

Our Leaving The Reception


Creating the Movie Files

We end up with so much vision from 3 to 4 cameras, sometimes if unedited put along side each other this footage could run for 10 hours. Filming your wedding is the easy part, creating the movies takes time, passion and much emotional thought, it's previewed over and over again until it is right. While it might take between 2 and 12 hours to film your wedding, it may take 20 to 100 hours to create your full cinema style movie DVD. We begin by editing out parts that won't be required, then place the parts together in a story like fashion, stabilising some, adding custom graphics and effects, utilising what may be collected and more. Once the movie is put together, the audio is hand adjusted to be as correct as possible. Then once that is all done, your highlights presentation is created, we watch the whole project again until we are satisfied, then we send you a copy for your own preview, if you are satisfied, we send the other two copies, or we make any adjustments, before sending the final two updated copies.

Presentation Packaging

When we quote for  your requirements, you'll have the option to choose to receive a beautiful presentation pack when you receive your final edited movie production (at an extra cost).

In Addition

We may also shoot photos during your wedding day, the purpose of this is so we have photos available for the DVD cover, menus and possible slides within the final presentation. We will capture some slow-motion scenes throughout the day, for use in the final production.

Wedding Highlights

We may produce a short highlights of your wedding day, the Opal and above packages will include this by default, in most cases the highlights are uploaded to Youtube for you to preview prior to making public, you have the right to ask us to NOT make it public, but we request permission to use for promotion purposes only, either through our website or on our Facebook page.

Your Feedback

We'd love to hear what you thought of your DVD and us on the day, what ever you tell us is of importance to to us, please go to contact us and leave your comments, thank you in advance.

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