AtoZ Visual's Wedding Videography

AtoZ Visual have been filming weddings since 2006, brides to be always tell us how important wedding photography is to them, but often videography is over looked and usually couples regret not having their wedding filmed, today you get so much more for so much less.

We are extremely passionate in all that we do and we focus on capturing memorable moments in time, as in you’ll be able to share your day with your future children. Your wedding can be looked at like a family reunion. We are a two person team and we try our best to take everyone’s feelings into consideration while we work.

Our demos may be a series of highlights, but that doesn’t mean that is all you get, we do a full edit of the entire day and create a movie with original audio and backing music where required and there are many additional bonuses.

Here you can view a Playlist of highlights from selected wedding movies that we have filmed.
Most of these highlights are included on our demo DVD; of which we post out free on request.

Why video my wedding?

Having your wedding on film means you are able to share your wonderful memories with friends and family. We pride ourselves on emotionally connecting to every couple we film and put so much thought into doing it right for you.

We listen and do our very best to work to your requirements.
AtoZ Visual use a series of modern HD cameras and shoots some footage in 4K and Slow-motion and will compile a highlights video to your bridal song. Additionally we can offer optional drone usage at no extra cost (weather permitted). *

It is now a fact; 79% of married couples that didn't get their wedding filmed regret it!

Editing you full length movie is typically completed 7 to 14 days after your wedding. You will receive 3x wedding DVDs, a High Definition Bluray disc and edited movie files on USB.

AtoZ Visual services the southern half of Western Australia. From just north of Perth through to Augusta, Albany and Esperance in the south.

When inquiring, please first let us know your wedding date, so that we can check that we'll be available.

* Drone permissions will be required for filming closer than 30m to guests (Examples of our drone footage).

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